Meet Santa Luzia


Colonial city with broad and important heritage
The history of the city originated with adventurers in search of riches, discovered Santa Luzia. The story goes that during an expedition in search of gold, a fisherman named Leontius, who had vision problems, observed a bright object in the river, buried in the sand. When the image was grabbed from Santa Lucia, patron saint of the eyes, and so took the first miracle of the saint, since at the same time to see him back. The picture was taken for the first chapel of the camp, becoming the patron saint of the city. Today, the historic city of Santa Luzia is located in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte and is very close to the Capital Mining, is only 23 miles away, and also the airports Carlos Drummond de Andrade (Pampulha) and Tancredo Neves International (Confins). The city has an estimated population of 205,666 inhabitants, according to the IBGE 2012 and is home to major industries and trades. Being a colonial town, Santa Luzia has its traditional Straight Street, and a vast and important heritage, the main Mother Church, the House of Culture, Solar Baroness, the Chapel of Bonfim, the Stones and the Wall Monastery Macaúbas. Santa Luzia is also a town partying. The Cattle Fair, held in September, for example, shaking the agricultural sector of the city. The event attracts people from all over the metropolitan area, coming to Santa Luzia to participate in the Marching Contest, Dairy Tournament or even enjoy the various shows hinterland. However, is the Feast of Saint Lucy the most anticipated event of the year. The religious festival has its culmination on December 13 and attracts people from all over the country, passing through the city to borrow some miracle or thank Santa Protective Vision. The event is marked by masses, processions and many stalls scattered throughout extension of Straight Street and adjacent, attracting many buyers and sellers from across the region.